About RabDB & Rabfier

RabDB is a database containing information on Rab protein families found in over 247 fully sequenced Eukaryotic genomes. The content has been generated using the Rabifier classification pipeline. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about RabDB or the Rabifier don't hesitate to contact us.

Rabifier is a Rab classification pipeline developed by Yoan Diekmann to identify Rab proteins and classify them into subfamilies based on sequence.

Reference: If Rabifier is useful in your research, please cite us.

Sequence databases

The Rabifier uses a manually curated set of Rab and non-Rab sequences to identify Rabs and classify them into subfamilies, as well as a file representing the set of RabF motifs. These files can be downloaded here:

Note: Some of these annotations may differ slightly from those used on this database.